Korea FTC scraps fees for int’l flight cancelations made 91 days before departure

“Passengers who cancel their international flight tickets 91 days before departure will no longer be subject to cancelation charges. Koreau2019s Fair Trade Commission announced Wednesday that it had reviewed and revised the terms and conditions of seven Korean airlines… that charge cancellation fees for international flights but don’t take into account how many days are left until departure. The seven airlines subject to the change are Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Jeju Air, Air Busan, EasterJet Airlines, Jin Air and Tu2019way Airlines. Going forward, for tickets canceled less than 90 days ahead of time, the refund will be made in proportion to the number of days left before departure. The Fair Trade Commission hopes this move will help reduce the number of disputes over airline cancellation fees, which account for 85 percent of consumer compensation claims filed at the Korea Consumer Agency.